Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eagle Eye University | Battery Data Analysis Course

Eagle Eye University offers a variety of classes throughout the year in battery management, maintenance and testing, data analysis, safety and IEEE recommended best practices. Our students obtain hands on training in each of our courses and receive a certification upon completion. The courses are located at our headquarters in Milwaukee, WI.

Our next course is September 7-8th and will be on battery data analysis. This course will outline each of the steps required to prepare and carry out a discharge test in accordance with IEEE recommended practices. It will include hands on training during which both a constant power capacity discharge and a service discharge using a typical substation load profile will be carried out.

This two-day course will be split up by measurable battery parameters and data analytics. During the first day, the students will learn the importance of discharge testing and the discharge test types. They will discuss operational requirements and perform an initial battery condition assessment, test set up, and discharge test. To end the first day, they will begin learning about data analysis. The second day of the course will continue data analysis, and they will work together to carry out a capacity and service test. Before each hands on test, the stude
nts will be given the load bank to be used for that test. After the tests, the students will calculate the battery capacity based on the results.

Attendees in different industries will leave with a better understanding of battery discharge testing and analysis. The certification the students receive after the completed course can be filed for continuing education units (CEUs).  You can learn more information about the course here, as well as contact us to book your spot.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Importance of Electrolyte Level Monitors Being NERC PRC-005-2 Compliant

One of the most critical roles of utility companies is to ensure the health and protection of their Bulk Electric System (BES). Without proper battery testing and preventative maintenance, the Bulk Electric System is compromised. As a result, utility companies can suffer from significant revenue loss, possible safety hazards for their workers and more. To ensure the negative effects of a compromised system won’t occur, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has been formed to enforce the reliability standards of all battery monitoring and testing equipment. In addition, NERC PRC-005-2 requires utilities worldwide to document and implement programs for the maintenance of all protection systems affecting the reliability of the BES.

To comply with NERC PRC-005-2 guidelines, Eagle Eye has created the ELM- Series Battery Electrolyte Level Monitor for power utilities nationwide. The ELM is a reliable dual sensor system that monitors the electrolyte level and temperature of individual flooded batteries.  The ELM-Series utilizes low-cost, easy to install sensors that will send out an alarm on low electrolyte level, or higher than normal temperature. Our electrolyte level monitor is also designed to monitor any flooded battery system regardless of voltage and amp-hour. Furthermore, this is a 24/7/365 protection for a real time solution for monitoring battery electrolyte and temperature levels.

Our PRC-005-2 Operation and Maintenance Compliance training is designed to include a review of battery maintenance fundamentals, inspection methods both manual and automated, interpretation of the data collected and the required record keeping. This course is intended for all personnel with the responsibility for the implementation and operation of a compliant battery monitoring program.

To learn more about NERC Compliance Solutions, please contact us today or to inquire about our NERC on-site training. You can also request a quote regarding the ELM – Series Battery Electrolyte Level Monitor. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

VIPER Ride Charity Receives Donations from Eagle Eye
Protecting those who have protected us!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin- On Wednesday, June 8th, Eagle Eye Power Solutions presented a $500 check towards the VIPER Ride charity organization. The check was presented at the House of Harley motorcycle dealership at 6221 W. Layton Ave. in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Dave Carlson, Finance Commander and Nellie Oman, Finance Co-Chair (both pictured above) were able to accept the donation on behalf of their organization.

The word “VIPER” in their organization, stands for Visually Impaired Patriots Experiencing the Road. There are over 132,000 blind veterans across the globe. 22 out of those 132,000 veterans commit suicide every day from depression, as a result of their feelings of isolation from being blind. The VIPER Ride aims to provide those veterans with an opportunity to go on 100+ mile motorcycle rides on Wisconsin’s best cycling roads. The event will bring excitement, joy and liveliness back to the veterans and bring awareness to their cause. Throughout the event, there will be rest stops filled with refreshments and a social event that includes meals and entertainment, sure to be fun for the whole family!  

The VIPER Ride will take place this year on August 21, 2016. Additional donations and volunteers are still greatly needed to reach the organization’s goals. To learn more about the event/organization, or how to volunteer/donate please visit: http://www.theviperride.org/.

Eagle Eye Power Solutions is the industry leader in battery monitoring, testing and charging solutions! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Is your Golf Cart up to Par?

Introducing the new GC-1000 Golf Cart Battery Charger!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – (May 2016) As warm weather approaches, so does golfing season! To ensure your golf cart will never die mid-hole, it is imperative to keep the batteries charged at all times. Eagle Eye offers a top of the line, high frequency automatic battery charger for golf cart batteries. The NEW GC-1000 Golf Cart Battery Charger is compatible with various 36V and 48V vehicle models, including E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha. The GC-1000 is lightweight, easy-to-use and can begin a charge cycle with batteries as low as two volts. Red, yellow and green LED lights on the unit indicate the charging status. The float feature allows for batteries to maintain full charge at the end of a charge cycle. In addition, the GC-1000 has overload protection, and charging will be interrupted if the maximum temperature has been exceeded, protecting the batteries from over temperature and thermal runaway.

Charging golf cart batteries with the GC-1000 is simple, hassle-free and requires minimal set-up. The compact design with carrying handle allow the unit to be easily transported. The GC-1000 is efficient, user-friendly, and designed to work with many popular electric golf cart models.

Why Charge Electric Golf Carts?

Charging electric golf carts properly will prolong the life of your batteries and ensure they are running at peak performance at all times. Minimize the need for costly battery replacement costs and eliminate mechanical service and parts associated with gas-powered golf carts. Eagle Eye offers many motive power battery chargers and testing solutions - contact us for more information on battery maintenance.

Learn more about Eagle Eye Power Solutions at: http://www.eepowersolutions.com today! Eagle Eye Power Solutions is the industry leader in battery monitoring, testing and charging solutions!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Battery 101 Seminar by RW Chapman & Eagle Eye Power Solutions

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Eagle Eye partner RW Chapman Company is hosting their next Battery 101 Training Courses on June 1st & June 2nd 2016 in Raleigh, NC & Charlotte, NC respectively. The course is recommended for power professionals who size, specify, install, maintain, test, sell and operate lead acid batteries and battery chargers. Battery 101 will provide attendees the fundamentals needed to safely and accurately handle lead acid batteries.

There is no cost to attend the seminar, and a continental breakfast and lunch are provided. Participants will receive a certificate of completion with CEU credits. Training materials will also be included. To learn more please Contact Eagle Eye today! Enrollment is limited to 25 individuals on a first-come-first served basis.

Battery Seminar Topics Include:
  • ·         Basic Lead-Acid Batteries
  • ·         Manufacturing Processes
  • ·         Battery sizing examples
  • ·         Battery testing, monitoring, installation, operations and maintenance
  • ·         Web based information
  • ·         Battery chargers & types of charging
  • ·         Battery failure modes and maintenance
  • ·         Battery troubleshooting and replacement
  • ·         Battery room safety, spill containment and compliance
  • ·         NERC compliance

Eagle Eye offers turnkey solutions needed for battery testing & maintenance - including load banks for discharge testing, portable battery testing kits, and continuous real-time battery monitoring systems for complete battery coverage. Our products come with management software to trend test data and generate reports. Learn more about our products today!
Eagle Eye Power Solutions is the industry leader in battery monitoring, testing and charging solutions!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Eagle Eye University: 2016 Battery Training Courses

Critical Power Reliability & Safety - Sign up Today!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Eagle Eye Power Solutions presents Eagle Eye University! Eagle Eye University (EEU) was founded late 2015 to further educate and increase critical power reliability & safety in the workplace. EEU offers a hands-on approach learning about battery management & fundamentals, DC system design, IEEE recommended best practices, battery testing & monitoring, data analysis and more!
“It gave an excellent overview of battery management. It has opened up a vast array of questions on how we are managing our batteries.” – Attendee testimonial

 Eagle Eye University instructors are industry specialists with countless years of instructional and hands-on field experience. Attendees will leave with in-depth, real-world knowledge to fulfill their responsibilities.  Our attendees include, but are not limited to, industrial engineers, operation managers, power system technicians, facility managers, and emergency and disaster preparedness managers. Attendees across all industries will leave with a greater understanding of battery management and reliability.

Upcoming Classes Include:

DC Power Systems (June 8-9, 2016)

Battery Data Analysis (September 7-8, 2016)

Battery Basics 101 (March 9-10, 2017):

In addition to the in-depth knowledge the attendees receive, a course certification will also be granted upon completion, which can be filed for continuing education units (CEUs). The courses are held at Eagle Eye Power Solutions headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. For any questions or to book your spot, please contact Eagle Eye directly or call 1-877-805-3377!
Eagle Eye Power Solutions is the industry leader in battery monitoring, testing and charging solutions - Learn more at www.eepowersolutions.com!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Battcon 2016 – Battery Trade Show

Experience Another Side of the Battery Industry!
Battcon – Stay Energized: Visit us at Booth #607
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Eagle Eye Power Solutions will be exhibiting at booth #607 during the 2016 Battcon conference May 10th-12th in Boca Raton, FL, USA. Eagle Eye Power Solutions provides critical battery monitoring, testing & charging solutions to mission-critical backup battery systems. Our products are used in utilities, telecoms, data centers, financial institutions and other industries where backup power is critical.
Come see Eagle Eye Power Solution’s new products at booth #607! Learn more about our reliable ELM- Series Battery Electrolyte Level Monitor and Sensor. The patent-pending dual sensor system monitors the electrolyte level and temperature of individual flooded batteries. Utilizing low-cost, easy to install sensors, the system will alarm on low electrolyte level or higher than normal temperature. The ELM- Series battery electrolyte level monitor and sensor is customized to work for any flooded battery system and meets NERC’s PRC-005-2 requirements.
Other products that will be featured include our multiple load banks for any load testing requirement. Eagle Eye’s LB-Series has four different series of load banks each designed for a different application - AC Load Testing, DC Load Testing, DC Constant Current Load Testing, and SMART DC Load Testing, which is commonly used for battery discharge tests.
Founded in 2015, Eagle Eye University offers hands-on, educational classes throughout the year. Learn more & sign up for one of our 2016 classes which include: DC Power Systems 101, Battery Data Analysis, Battery 101, Introduction to Battery Management for Standby Power Systems, and more! More information & a video overview on the courses will be provided at Battcon.
Battcon is the world’s largest stationary battery conference and trade show. Located at the Boca Raton Resort & Spa, Eagle Eye Power Solutions will be joining other leading companies and industry professionals to share the latest technology in the stationary battery community. Battcon attracts attendees from the utility, data center, UPS, power station, petroleum, and nuclear industries.
Eagle Eye Power Solutions is the industry leader in battery monitoring, testing and charging solutions!